July 25, 2011

hello. my name is not.

in general, I speak clearly.  I can speak quickly.  I have stuttered.  I have struggled to think of the exact word I’m looking for.  I sometimes resort to slang terminology.  but at the end of the day I am an effective communicator.  and I can say with absolute certainty that the one thing I pronounce correctly on a regular basis above all other things is my name, maria. 

I didn’t think it was a serious issue until I started a job that involved communicating with people primarily on the phone.  it has become a daily annoyance for me that my name is misheard.  in the past I’ve been called mary and marie which are painful for me.  if you address me as either I will pretty much not hear anything else you say beyond that.  hopefully you weren’t trying to tell me anything important.  honestly though, it’s like me calling you ryan if your name is brian.  just because they’re close doesn’t mean they’re the same. 

the list of names that people hear when I say “maria” is terribly concerning.  and unfortunately always growing.  in case you are still confused or we meet in person and you second guess the fact that my name is maria after I introduce myself, let me get you started on a list of names that aren’t mine.  maybe it’ll help.


lauria? is that even anyone’s name? people have even repeated it back to me with a question in their voice like maybe they’re wrong but they’re gonna just go with it anyway.  the syllabic emphasis in some of those doesn’t even match that of my name.  it’s mind boggling.  and none of those names are as great as maria.  if I even thought for a second I got someone’s name wrong and had to quickly choose from a few possibilities, I’d at least pick the best one.  no harm in guessing up.  guessing down will just depress the person and make them write an inane blog about it. 

additionally, and I know I’ve complained about it before but, I understand my name is maria.  it does not mean I speak spanish.  at least ask me first.  that way I don’t feel utterly uncultured when you drop a paragraph on me in something other than my native tongue.  really, it’s best for everyone. 

December 29, 2010

unintentional hiatus

I have been silent here on tumblr for sometime now.  it has not been not for lack of want though.  two things have thwarted my ramblings from seeing the light of a glowy computer screen. 1. lack of an internet connection.  2. the presence of twitter in my life. 

2011 new year’s resolution #3 (you know, in addition to weight loss and financial prosperity): write more.  

October 12, 2010
March 3, 2010

take a letter, maria

waaay back in 1999 when I was applying to colleges, one of the essay topics I was given was to write a letter to myself as an incoming high school freshman imparting the wisdom I had acquired over the course of my high school career.  it was my favorite essay that I wrote and that’s probably why it’s the only one I remember 10 years later.  I concentrated more on the social aspect of school as that is where I really learned a lot of lessons.  I shed my fair share of tears over grades but academics always seemed like something concrete that I could trust.  when I worked hard I saw results. handling friend drama, boys, building confidence were all things that were abstract and unpredictable.  13 year old me definitely needed some advice.  I hope she used it well.

unfortunately 27 year old me needs some advice too.  I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted all my friends and family with the great emotional roller coaster of 2010.  so I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping to get some wise words from 30 year old me.  but if she’s anything like present day me, she’s really good at procrastinating and I might be waiting a while.

February 5, 2010

The Little Mermaid, 1989 (dir. Ron Clements, John Musker)
[Note: this is a reframe, you can see the first one here]


The Little Mermaid, 1989 (dir. Ron Clements, John Musker)

[Note: this is a reframe, you can see the first one here]

January 13, 2010

one day

I will get in my car in the morning and just not stop driving.  I won’t tell anyone or make any plans.  I will just go.  it will be incredible.

January 12, 2010

race report

this entry is also posted over at runawayfriends.tumblr.com …a blog started for 4 friends to keep each other updated as they train to run a half marathon in march!  check us out!  or get out and run yourself!  :D


phew!  en route to 13.1 in march I made a little pit stop to run 13.1 through disney world this past saturday with my dad.  for those of you who were nice and cozy under the covers at 6am when we crossed the start line, I have recapped my experience in the following paragraphs…

I have never been a fan of cold weather but now, as I approach my 2 year anniversary here in florida, I can safely say I despise the cold.  and just my luck it was a bitter 35ish degrees the morning of the race. additionally, it was sleeting.  it was so uncomfortable that even my connecticut dwelling, snow shoveling, soup and sandwich loving dad had a moment of hesitation about running in those conditions.  but after warming up a little during the walk to the start line we both felt ready to take on the task in front of us.

I totally cheated and started in the same corral as my dad.  I believe we were assigned different corrals this year because of our times from last year.  by far a better runner than I, he was placed in a corral 2 in front of me.  disney is on top of almost everything but double checking correct corral placement is not on the list, I guess.  I was a little nervous that I would get discovered and banished to the back so I tried to cover my bib as much as possible.  we all got herded forward and we crossed the start line at 6:01am.  just a mere 3 hours after waking up! :D  about 10 seconds in I waved goodbye to my dad as he took off in front of me.

I felt pretty good and was just trying to take in the moment.  I was flooded with memories from last year when I was in the exact same position but with just a tshirt on and not 3 layers, one of which was a hooded sweatshirt. ahh those were the days, when florida was actually the sunshine state…I got into the zone relatively fast and I think it was because of 2 things.  the first of which was because of that hooded sweatshirt I had on. with the hood up it made my shadow look like rocky which subsequently made me feel pretty bad ass.  the second reason was that “right round” by flo rida came on my ipod and I don’t know how many of you watched The Sing Off when it was on a few weeks ago, but the beelzebubs (tufts version of the conn-men, but with slightly more notoriety) did that song and it was all I could picture as I ran.  it brought me so much joy that I continued to hit the back button and that one song carried me pretty much to the 2mile mark.

I’m thankful for a strong start because it definitely got harder.  and colder.  and wetter.  my clothes got heavier but I couldn’t stand the thought of shedding them (side note…disney collects the discarded clothing, launders them, and donates them to charity…yay!) because it was so cold.  my legs got stiff and heavy but I pushed through to the 7 mile marker because that is where I took my first walk break last year and there was no way I was going to let myself go backwards!  once I hit that point though it was really hard to get into a groove again.  I did intervals from there on out.  I tried to run a song, walk a song but even that proved to be a challenge.  ultimately I just kept moving.  my goal was to beat 3 hours even if it was only by a second.  I was tracking to about 3 hours which helped keep my head in the game.  just before mile marker 12 I kicked a puddle and officially soaked my feet and that’s right about the time my right ear bud shorted out and I couldn’t fix it.

I had mixed feelings towards the end because I’m happy to be running through epcot center and everyone is cheering you on and I’m so close the finish, but I’m also miserable because I’m cold and I think I have a sore throat and the gray sky is just sucking any energy I have into it’s ugly gray mug that I just want to punch in the face.  that is when a cast member on the corner yelled “only 100 yards to go!” and having been in marching band for several years I know what that distance is and I repeated to myself “I can run a football field! I can run a football field!” over and over again. I saw the giant clock above the finish line read that I had not beaten my 3 hour goal but that I could certainly still beat my time from last year and I pulled from the dregs of energy left at the very bottom of my body and went for it (note: that sounds like I had a sudden increase in speed right at the end…don’t be misled.  I did not.)  but I crossed the finish line feeling strong (even skipped high fiving minnie in her track suit in the interest of time).

all in all, even though it was exactly the same course, it was a much different race than last year.  which, I guess is a good thing.  I battled less training (my fault), more body weight (my fault again), and awful weather (not my fault) and actually improved…so I’ll take it!  and I now have more focus so I will be a force to be reckoned with come march.  or at least I’ll have a pretty good shot at beating 3 hours.  haha

and it’s supposed to be back into the 70s by the weekend which means running outside is actually an appealing way to spend time!

so that is my race report.  I hope it is more encouraging than not.  because no matter the conditions, finishing something like that is so rewarding and no one can take that away from you.  I asked my dad if he was happy that he ran and he said “you know maria, they say you never regret a race that you run, but you always regret the race you didn’t.”

couldn’t have said it better myself.

December 28, 2009

tv crushes

saturday night I was bored and lazy and decided to tap into the dvd collection I have but never seem to utilize anymore.  I pulled out dawson’s creek season 1 and embarked on project dawson.  it’s really nothing more than rewatching the entire series, but I’m pretty sure it sounds cooler referring to it as project dawson.

about one minute in to the first episode I began to fall in love with pacey witter all over again.  I thought for sure he had to be in the top 5 fictional tv character crushes of mine of all time.  I then spent the better part of the night trying to fill the rest of that list.

putting them in order was nearly impossible because I love them all so much and for pretty much all the same reasons.

5. Seth Cohen (The OC)

4. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

3. Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek)

2. Ed Stevens (Ed)

1. Jim Halpert (The Office)

December 10, 2009

Complaint #546


It really bothers me when album artwork on my iPod is just a gray music note.

-Whine by @LaurenElana

October 31, 2009
these little guys are ready to party!

these little guys are ready to party!